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An organization of prosecutors committed to reforming California's criminal justice system through smart, safe, modern solutions that advance, not just public safety, but human dignity and community well-being.

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About Prosecutors Alliance

A Better Way

Prosecutors dedicated to reforming our criminal legal system

The Prosecutors Alliance of California is a first-of-its-kind law enforcement association. It supports California prosecutors committed to reforming our criminal justice system through smart, safe, modern solutions that advance not just public safety but community well-being. Rather than doubling down on the failed policies of the past, the Prosecutors Alliance is guided by science, research, and a commitment to the dignity of every individual in our community.

For decades the status quo law enforcement associations have purported to speak for everyone in their profession. However, many leaders do not agree with their tough on crime approach and want to move in a better direction. The Prosecutors Alliance is here to provide support to those brave reformers, working to improve the system within our counties, our communities and our capitol.

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