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Thank You for Committing to a Just Criminal System!

As a member of the Prosecutors Alliance of California (PAC), you are now an integral part of reimagining and reforming our criminal justice system. Let’s transform the future of prosecution together.  Membership is free, and allows you to:

  1. Be part of PAC’s advocacy as we draft, sponsor, and monitor legislation focused on criminal justice reform and public safety issues.
  2. Stand with PAC’s legislative advocacy against measures that threaten public safety and reform.
  3. Stay informed on criminal justice reforms happening around the nation.
  4. Track all legislation monitored by the Prosecutors Alliance on our website.
  5. Network with current and former prosecutors from around the state at PAC’s convenings and trainings.
  6. Participate in our MCLE-accredited trainings focused on cutting edge criminal justice innovations and trends.

Please keep an eye on your inbox as we put together our next update for you.


Cristine Soto DeBerry

Founder and Executive Director

Prosecutors Alliance