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A Better Criminal Justice System

The Prosecutors Alliance of California (PAC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a criminal legal system that Californians can be proud of. PAC supports and amplifies the voices of California prosecutors committed to reforming our criminal justice system through smart, safe, modern solutions that advance not just public safety but community well-being.

The voices of these prosecutors are often drowned out by the traditional law enforcement organizations that oppose reform. PAC will gather and grow the voices of law enforcement that support transformation of our criminal legal system. We are here to lift them up and work in partnership with communities to make our state not just safe, but healthy and whole.

Prosecutors are amongst the most powerful actors in the criminal legal system, deciding who will be prosecuted, what charges they will face and most often the sentence they will serve. This immense power requires leaders that can exercise sound judgment, restraint and independence from the many stakeholders seeking to influence their decisions. Above all, prosecutors must be motivated by love for their entire community, our shared humanity and interconnected lives.

We are guided by the principles the 21 Principles for the 21st Century Prosecutor developed by Fair and Just Prosecution, The Brennan Center and The Justice Collaborative as we work to implement both local and statewide reforms. These principles will help us draft and advocate on behalf of legislative proposals and local policies that can bring the system more in line with the values of Californians.

Our Voices

The Executive Committee

Diana Becton

Diana Becton

Contra Costa County District Attorney

Tori Verber Salazar

San Joaquin County District Attorney
Chesa Boudin

Chesa Boudin

San Francisco District Attorney

George Gascon

Los Angeles District Attorney
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Cristine Soto DeBerry

Executive Director