SAN FRANCISCO – Today, Founder and Executive Director of the Prosecutors Alliance of California, Cristine Soto DeBerry, issued the following statement in response to the Department of Justice’s release of the annual Uniform Crime Report (UCR). The data shows San Francisco saw a 19% reduction in violent crime and a 20% reduction in property crime in 2020 while nationwide violent crime went up.

“The Republican-backed recall effort of Gavin Newsom failed overwhelmingly, but another looms in San Francisco that similarly seeks to divide and distort. While recall proponents seek to mislead the public, data released today by the Department of Justice shows crime dropped significantly in District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s first year in office.

“It’s telling that, rather than providing actual data or facts, the remaining recall group’s offer to “see the facts” on their website links only to headlines. This is another recall bankrolled by Republicans that can’t win on the facts, so they will resort to fear tactics.

“It’s time to abandon the rhetoric and shameless fear mongering and simply look at the numbers. The data provides guidance and a path to a safer San Francisco.”