SAN FRANCISCO – Prosecutors Alliance Executive Director Cristine Soto DeBerry issued the following statement following the appointment of Rob Bonta as the next Attorney General of California:

“As an organization dedicated to supporting reform-minded prosecutors, the Prosecutors Alliance applauds Governor Newsom’s selection of Rob Bonta as the next Attorney General of California.

“Though California has long been regarded as a bastion of progress, our criminal justice system remains largely outdated, ineffective, and unjust. A state heralded for its inclusive and progressive policies continues to perpetuate draconian approaches to criminal justice like capital punishment and a system of cash bail that we know is as unfair and unsafe as it is unjust. We boast the highest recidivism rates in the nation, the nation’s most deadly police force, and racial disparities in jails and prisons that expose our fundamental failure to ensure equal justice under the law.

“These challenges and much more face our next Attorney General, and today’s appointment of Rob Bonta is a critical, and clear step in California’s evolution on criminal justice reform. As a state assembly member, Mr. Bonta fought to end cash bail and cure the conflict of interest that occurs when elected prosecutors receive financial and political support from law enforcement unions.

“As the first Fillipino-American legislator in California history, his appointment comes amidst surging hate crimes against the AAPI community. He is a leader that has dedicated his career to protecting and uplifting vulnerable communities, and he will continue to do so as our Attorney General.

“As an organization founded by four reform-minded prosecutors who collectively represent one-third of California’s population, The Prosecutors Alliance looks forward to working with Attorney General Bonta to build a system of justice that truly restores, heals and rehabilitates California’s diverse communities.”